Billing Account Update

Who is Web Services?

We’re the support team behind Twenty:28! We have a heart for the Church and serving its technology needs. Historically, we partnered with Twenty:28 to bring you your websites and related services. However, as of October 2019, that working partnership has come to an end and we are bringing all of your support and billing services under our name - Web Services. The name on your invoices may be different now, but you’ll receive the same level of support, for the same services, at the same cost, and from the same team as always (us!).

Why do I have to re-enter my payment information?

As part of our former partnership, Twenty:28 managed much of the invoicing and billing for our products. Now that the partnership has ended, Web Services has taken on invoicing through our own billing system.

We cannot simply transfer your payment information into our billing system, due to legal limitations (and best practices) regarding client privacy and payments. In order to pay for service after October 2019, you will need to set up auto-billing or make on-time online payments through your new online billing account.

How do I access my online billing account?

You can access your online billing account by clicking here if you are a former Twenty:28 client. Your billing account is separate from your website and related services, and requires a unique set of login credentials.

To set up your billing password, select the appropriate link above, select the “password reset” option, and enter the email address that you receive billing notices at. You will receive an email with instructions on how to set your billing password (Please note that this will not change the password(s) for any of your services).

What are your accepted payment methods?

1. Credit/Debit Cards: one time or auto-payments
2. ACH/e-checks: one time payments only

How do I make payments through my online account?

To pay for open invoices: from the menu located near the top of your billing account home page, select “billing” > “My Invoices” > select the specific invoice that you would like to pay. Select your preferred payment method from the options in the top right corner of the invoice (“Pay With Credit Card” or “Authorize.net E-check”). Follow the prompts to fill in your billing information.

To set up credit card auto billing for future invoices: from the menu located near the top of your billing account home page, select “billing” > “Manage Credit Card”. Enter your credit card information according to the prompts, and save.

Other features of your billing account

  • View your invoice and payment history
  • View a list of your current services
  • Edit your billing contact information (ie. who receives invoices, and who can manage payments)
  • Add secondary billing contacts (ie. another recipient who is cc’d on invoices and receipts)

If you have additional questions, please contact us!

Contact us by phone: 800-221-5167
Contact us by email: billing@websrvcs.com