8 Gifts of Christmas from Ministry Brands

Our family of church software brands supports the way you serve

1. Reignite Your Children’s Ministry

At the heart of every great Sunday School lesson is the Bible. The experts at Sharefaith Kids believe that children who learn Biblical truths at a young age carry those truths with them into adulthood. Involve your kids in each lesson and help them learn. The more engaging your lesson is, the more kids become invested. In addition to engaging kids lessons, Sharefaith Kids includes scheduling software, family devotionals, games, activities and presentation solutions. We’ve created a single resource that saves you time so that you can focus on investing in your family. This Christmas and beyond, spark discussion and instruct your kids in the Christian faith with fun and engaging lessons.

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Your gift from Sharefaith Kids is free Christmas lessons to teach kids about the love of Jesus. Plus, now through December 31, get 20% off an annual Sharefaith Kids plan!

(Discount applies to new annual Sharefaith memberships and upgrades only.)
Sharefaith Christmas Lesson

2. Amplify Your Message with Media

Your church social media platforms can be used to teach Christian values, share the Gospel, and inspire followers. These days, many people use social media as a way to find a welcoming community. Meet that need using media and graphics to support your goal of helping people feel understood, valued, and affirmed. Sharefaith Media has the resources to help your church accomplish those goals this Christmas and year-round. 

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Your gift from Sharefaith Media is a Christmas Graphics Pack, plus 20% off annual plans until December 31.

(Discount applies to new annual Sharefaith memberships and upgrades only.)


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3. Stay Balanced with Church Financials

Cloud-based accounting software lets you access your information from any browser with an internet connection. Elexio Financials was designed from the ground up to meet the unique needs of churches, ministries, non-profits, and denominational headquarters. 

A GAAP compliant and integrated systems make it easy to complete your general ledger, payroll, accounts receivable, accounts payable, and more. With Elexio Financials you can fulfill your financial requirements for governing boards, financial committees, internal staff, and outside agencies with ease.

This holiday season, when you purchase Elexio Financials for your ministry, you’ll also receive special bonus offers!

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Your gift from Elexio Financials is a FREE Payroll Module (a $708 savings!)

*The monthly fee for Payroll will be waived with the purchase of Elexio Financials for the first year. 

Shelby Givin

4. Protect Your Ministry

A ministry that serves children and youth is obligated to exercise due diligence when it comes to protecting children. Performing background checks on volunteers is a crucial step in preventing predators from harming children. Protect My Ministry specializes in helping churches determine which background checks they should use and how often.

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Your gift from Protect My Ministry is a Background Check Blueprint. This step-by-step guide offers advice, guidance, and best practices to complete a proper background check. 


5. Inspire Generosity with Online Giving

Offering online giving can help your church meet people where they are: ALWAYS ONLINE. Wouldn't it be great if with a few simple clicks a church member could schedule recurring donations? This free crash course is jam-packed with data-driven articles and actionable tips that help turn year-end gifts into recurring generosity. Plus, it includes free email templates that guide donors through the giver’s journey. Discover how recurring gifts can support ongoing ministry.

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Your gift from Sharefaith Giving is a FREE 5-part course: How to Turn Year-End Gifts into Year-Round Gifts.


6. Connect with Live Streaming

Foothills Community Church, has created an engaging and safe online community using ChurchStreaming.

“Our live stream is targeted to non-members. We have quite a few that have been watching for some time now and we have worked towards making them feel a part of a larger community outside themselves. We have an online chat host who welcomes and interacts with our viewers throughout the service. Our chat is filled with viewers encouraging one another, asking for prayer, and being touched by the worship.”  – Karen Willcut, Creative Media Director

Using their live stream, Foothills Community Church became a safe hub for those who have been wounded, skeptical, or those who left the church when they were younger. Now they’re healing together, coming to Jesus, and finding a place where they can connect without the sometimes intimidating act of walking through the doors of the church. Discover how live streaming with ChurchStreaming can support your church’s mission. 

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Your gift from ChurchStreaming is The Ultimate Guide to Church Live Streaming.


7. Become a Moment Maker

Andy Frank, Lead Pastor of Worship at Pinelake Church in Mississippi, is committed to taking his teams deeper, not just spiritually, but musically. His worship leaders across multiple campuses have used Worship Rocket, available on the Church Relevance Course Shop, to elevate their worship leadership. Frank says it’s been integral to growing as a leader of people, to become more than just a song leader, but also “to be a moment maker, to be a spiritual leader, and pastor your people into encounters with Christ.” 

Church Relevance offers valuable advice and guidance from trustworthy Christian leaders through engaging courses, articles, podcasts, and videos. Explore the course shop to train and equip ministry leaders. 

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Your gift from Church Relevance is a HUGE discount on our course Fresh Eyes: Seeing Christmas In A New Light, normally $249, but yours for just $50 with coupon code GIFT2019.

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8. Engage Members and Visitors

Who is falling through the cracks at your church? This Christmas, emphasize the importance of outreach and create a process designed to follow up with new church visitors and even stagnant members to make sure no one falls through the cracks.

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Your gift from Elexio is our 8 Ways To Ensure No One Falls Through the Cracks eBook. With this FREE guide, you'll discover new ways to engage people. PLUS: free visitor and member email templates are included!

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